SNAP & Debit

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who wants to shop at the Market to do so.  We encourage you to drop by our Information Booth to use your SNAP or debit card.

Debit Purchases:  Customers using their Debit card will receive tokens in $5 denominations to use at the Market.:    These tokens never expire and are accepted by all vendors, however, we do encourage you to use them on the day you receive them.  There is a $1.50 fee applied to all debit transactions.

SNAP: Customers using their EBT card (known as Oregon Trail in Oregon and Basic Food in Washington) will receive tokens in $1 denominations. These tokens may only be used to purchase vegetables, fruit, poultry, seafood, meat, breads, dairy products and plants or seeds for growing food. They may NOT be used to purchase hot ready-to-eat foods, soda, or non-food items. Change cannot be made so throw that loose change in your pocket before you come to the Market.

Community Partnerships Program: Customers receiving vouchers through SJFM’s Community Partnerships program need to redeem their voucher at the Information Booth.  In exchange, you will receive tokens to spend at the Market.  Visit our Community Partnerships page for more information.

WIC and Senior Coupons: Customers participating in the Farm Direct Nutrition Program may use their WIC or Senior checks eligible vendors at the Market.   Please look for the “Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Checks Welcome Here!” sign in each eligible vendor’s booth. Check out the Farm Direct Nutrition Program website for more information.